Best practices for BASSBOSS Gear

Where can I get information on best practices for using BASSBOSS Gear?

Got questions about using your BASSBOSS gear to the best effect? We've got a ton of videos, articles and advice on how to make your events crush.

Use our Operation + Performance Knowledge BASS for answers to your audio questions.

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    • Where can I get covers for my BASSBOSS gear?

      BASSBOSS is currently developing a full line of custom covers. In the interim, Under Cover is able to make covers for the entire line. TukiCovers offers affordable covers with solid quality.
    • Why aren't there digital inputs on BASSBOSS gear?

      Q - We have the ability to run completely digital thru and out out DJ gear, wouldn't make sense to have a digital in on the BB amps? The DSP has to convert the analogue to digital and back to analogue, correct? Is there noticeable loss in the DSP ...
    • How do I set my gain structure /levels/input sensitivity for BASSBOSS systems?

      For more info, check out this video by David Lee on this topic. Gain Structure and Setting Your Levels How to set the levels of Subs and Tops to achieve balanced sound and safe operation in 6 easy steps 1) Set up your mixer and speakers with all ...
    • Is authorized and can i get financing there?

      No. This is not an official financier for any BASSBOSS product purchase. If you find this page using a Google search, do not use the form to apply for financing.
    • What power extension cords are best?

      Q: I need help understanding what power cords are best! Especially when traveling long distances. I have been using crappy power extensions not considering proper power. Thinking about getting 10 gauge extensions. Is that necessary? Will 12 gauge ...