Subwoofers in a pool

Sound in a swimming pool?

Q: I have another event coming up with an odd setup request... Inside of an abandoned "Olympic size" swimming pool. The depth isn't quite the same though.

The venue mentioned that they set up sound and dance inside of the pool out of courtesy for the residents about 1/2 mile away. When provoked, apparently when setup outside of the pool, they occasionally complain. Permit laws and such are different here or wed just get one. Cops are unpredictable here as well and basically do whatever they feel like. For example, they raided an acquaintance's event yesterday that was at a legitimate music venue for just being excessively loud apparently!

I'm skeptical it'll make -that- much of a difference but I'd really like to know if it will because, as you know, the bass on your systems is a little more intense and travels more than venues are used to. Will it actually direct a large amount of the bass upwards? I imagine a bit but not what they think.

As far as putting subwoofers in a pool, it’s hard to predict. The sound will bounce out of the pool, and the hope is it will go upwards instead of sideways. It might. A lot also depends on the orientation of the system relative to the neighbors, the other barriers around the pool, the direction of the wind and all sorts of unknown factors, like what the cops had for dinner, whether the sensitive neighbors are home, etc.

If you know what direction to avoid, setting up a cardioid system or setting the system up at a null-lobe angle relative to the potentially offended neighbors might be more predictable. (The null-lobe angle is usually about 45 degrees from directly behind the system, and may be enhanced by putting all the subs in a row, horizontally on the floor, VS21s inside followed by ZV28s outside.) ZV-VS-VS-ZV (See diagram) You might try doing one of those options inside the pool.

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