Is the MK2 line louder than the MK3?

Is the MK2 line louder than the MK3?

Q: My MK2 cab seems louder than my MK3 version. What are the MK3 vs. MK2 input sensitivity and output levels differences? 

The input sensitivity of the MK2 amplifiers and MK3 amplifiers of some models may be different. This doesn’t mean the MK2 are able to play louder at maximum output. It means that it takes a little more input signal to get the MK3 to reach maximum output. This was done to increase the dynamic range and to reduce the need for limiting.

The difference in perceived output can be addressed by adjusting the relative input sensitivity of each cabinet. To run MK2 and MK3 cabinets together on the same signal, it’s necessary to lower the input trim knobs on the MK2 cabinets until both play at the same level with the same signal. After that, the two should be able to reach maximum output with the same signal.

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Check out this very informative video on setting your gain to get maximum output from your BASSBOSS Gear:

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