How do I remove drivers/swap amps/send in my BASSBOSS components for service?

We try to make products that never fail. That said, nothing in this world is perfect! If you need information on self-servicing your BASSBOSS product, we have a whole series of videos with David Lee to help.

Please check out our Service Videos page for more information.

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    • BASSBOSS Warranty Info

      In brief: Transducer/Driver: 2 years Electronics: 3 years Cabinets (defects only, does not cover wear and tear): 6 years THE BASSBOSS PROMISE :
GREAT PRODUCTS, GREAT SERVICE. The BASSBOSS warranty is a fully-transferable product warranty coverage ...
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      David Lee shares best practices for removing grilles and drivers.
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      Need replacement screws for your BASSBOSS Gear? Replacement screws for grilles... You can buy a lifetime supply for just ten bucks on Amazon. üòâ We recommend these: 100PCS #6 x3/4" Truss Head Self Tapping Screws Phillips Drive, Sheet Metal Wood ...
    • I'm having a problem. How do I get service for my gear?

      Please open a ticket on our support page.