Power strip option

Best power strip option for BASSBOSS subs?

Q: From my understanding, it's best not to use a power conditioner for the BASSBOSS subs and tops. What would be an appropriate power strip option to connect power for BASSBOSS? Would a Furman SS-6B Surge Block be okay? I don't see that it says it's a power conditioner.

What's best depends on what you need it for. If all you want is more outlets, there are extension cords with multiple outlets that will do that. Those would be my first choice. If what you want is surge suppression, then you just need to choose one that offers the level of surge suppression you feel is necessary for your location. As rare as it is, your electrical system might get struck by lightning, or you might live in Florida! Most UL-listed surge suppressors also include 15A circuit breakers because they have 15A wall plugs, so be aware of how much you plan to draw through it. Single-driver subs won't draw enough to worry about but double-driver subs or multiple subs could push the limits. If you have two smaller subs, use two surge suppressors. RF filtering is not likely to be necessary so don't pay too much for it. I don't see any reason not to use the one you mentioned but there are better and there are worse and far too many options to choose a "best".

What I want is a clear path between the power source and the equipment with minimal resistance and maximum reliability.  In short, a power strip should be well-built and solid, and the less it has on it besides sockets, cable and a plug, the less there is to go wrong.